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First weekend at oklahoma

So yeah I made it here.

Flight was kinda good . But far too long. I guess iam adjusted to local time now here.

Lots of big dogs are blocking up the bed, dont need blankets tho. Also had 2 earthquakes and a tornadowarning yesterday. Pretty cool aslong nobody gets hurt. Was nice to see from the distance.

Next will be Vegas this weekend.

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3 days left

Been two weeks without internet, sooo...

Getting ready for leaving Germany for the rest of November and staying at akitas place.will be at mff too.

We will have a nice party this Saturday at his place I am curito ous who will be there.can't wait to see akita and the k 9 s again.I wish I could take ben with me.

Happy Birthday!


Akita Inus!!!!

Have a good one today . I cant wait to see you next week :)

Lov ya


Who was the worst boss you’ve ever had? Did you ever get your revenge?

I used to have a boss who kicked me out when he found out i was gay.

Weeks later he got fired because of sexual harrasment with a female coworker.....hehe.


And besides, i changed my Accounts name from Mylo the Husky to Mylo the GSD ,)


Did i ever mention...how good Paul Walker actually looks like ...

Hes my favorite actor, i loved to see him in " into the blue"....

I wonder how it would be to meet him hehe.

Oh Mister red wine, i think we gotta stop heree now, we need to visit grandma tomorrow...thats gonna be sooo exiting , even tops this fabulous saturday evening, just sitting at home and not beeing a good dowg..oh whait, you are empty again, no way.

Doggy birthday!!!

A very happy Birthday goes to.....


" Oh boy, oh boy, i turned 8 today!!!!!"

I love you my little stinky paw and i hope we will have many more years full of fun and adventures together. * HUGS *

Things you find in german Lumber stores...

Was looking for LED Bulbs for my flat and found this...well....strange shaped thing here


Runs with 220 V. And it glows in the dark...very interesting

Last weekend


Just feeling like posting about things that happened here last weekend.

Well, since summer is leaving already, i really wanted to go out for a ride on my motorbike to the nuerburgring , which is about 40 minutes away from my house.

So i called Madoushi, a good motorbike friend and great fur since we planed to do that for several weeks, and the weather seemed to be good for that.

We left my house the early sunday morning and had a mix of windy and not that warm weather, but hey for what do i have my all weather motorbike jacket, which i bought about 12 years ago. So that was taken care of.

I really forgot how MUCH fun it is to ride together with another biker , feels so different instead of riding alone all the time. I was very suprised to how many bikers we met during our trip through the cloudy Eifel area. Lots of crazy dutch people and many british license plates were seen.
The Nuerburgring is also known for his changing weather, sure thing we got into rain before we got there, so not possible for me to actually ride ON the racetrack, maybe next time...

Here some pics i took for the big rain started..


After a few minutes of getting wet, we decided to ride back and try to get out of the rainy area, and after 30 Minutes of sliding over the twisty and crazy roads ( which are a hell of fun to do ) we reached the end of the rainclouds. To get our clothes dry again we decided to do a highspeed Autobahn run back . I should have known better that my big wide Rainjacket is not made for going 220 K for about 10 Minutes no stop. Well the prize for that is a hole of the size of 2 fists on my back, which i noticed when i came back home <.< ( Note to myself, always use full Leathergear on Autobahn, or dont do over 150 K ).

Afterall, we had a lot of fun chasing an old Porsche which was suprisingly fast moving on the Autobahn too. I am looking forward to our next ride , propably next year or at a nice sunny day again this year ;)

The Phantom of the opera ,)

Thanks again for the golden bolts for my Bike Madoushi, they look great :)